30 Dec 2021

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At this time last year, I was anxious to leave 2020 behind and hopeful 2021 would be a less chaotic, sick, angry, traumatic year. But now nearly 2 years since Covid first was declared a pandemic, we are headed into year 3 with no support at all. The govt, corporate leaders, and many of our fellow citizens have called an end to the urgencies around us, despite the rapidly growing caseloads of Omicron, overwhelmed hospitals, and the lack of care available for other illnesses and emergencies. They are demanding we get back to work, get back to the commute, get back to business travel, get back to “normal”. We are all left trying to shoulder the doors closed against the stress and sorrow of a pandemic and furious climate change. We are not “post-pandemic” and we are all too exhausted to function.